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Formerly known as Title!Snap®, now with even more muscle, PowerSnap! is the powerful industry mobile app that puts your real estate transaction information within your reach, anytime, anywhere.

Access real-time file status, details and documents, open a title order, manage escrow services, and generate cost estimates using seven industry calculators.

  • Start orders, with or without a quote, using the in-app Customer Care Assistant
  • View and send transaction information—from order initiation, to status updates, to estimated closing date
  • Helpful in-app Tips for starting an order, viewing transaction file information and customizing app notifications
  • Notification settings allow you to set push, text or email alerts when the status of an order changes or when new documents are shared
  • See order status and review open or closed files up to 3 years
  • Leverage your brand with personalized reports featuring your photo and contact information
  • Save, edit and reuse up to 20 customized quotes
  • Generate and share Seller Net Sheets, Title & Escrow Fees, Escrow Refi Fees, Monthly Payment Calculations and more!

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